Our Hosted or Cloud Based Services include;-

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Accounts
    • 25, 50 or a huge 125GB mail boxes
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Active sync to Mobile Device / Smart Phone
  • Cloud Backup Services - essential to protect against the Ransom -type virus threats!
  • Broadband, ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) FTP (Fibre to the premises - Leased lines)
    • All of our Broadband is Business Class, and comes with a static IP for ease of remote working, as standard
  • Web Hosting and Domain Management
  • Hosted Desktop

Hosted Exchange Email 

Office 365

Business Broadband (new clients pricing) - Includes 1 Fixed / Static IP address.

ADSL - £45 activation fee, Minimum contract 1 month, plus 1 months notice (2 months minimum)

25GB - Low user £12.50

Unlimited £17.99

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) - Minimum 1 Year contract - 2 year contract prices, below, and 1 year contract in {£}

50GB - Low user £25.95 {26.95}

Unlimited £31.95 {£32.95}

Data only PSTN telephone line for {Our}  Broadband ONLY, (receives incoming calls, but is permanently Outgoing Calls Barred)

To make calls on this line you would need our VoIp service.

Install line £65, the £14.50 per month


Cloud Backup Services

Pay per GB from £0.18p per GB


Basic Web Hosting / Domain Management per site per month 

Hosting £3.95

Hosting + POP3 email £4.95 (or see advanced option below for proper email)

Domain Management + £1

Basic website updates £25 (for 1 - 30 mins)


Advanced Web hosting

Web hosting plus 1 Hosted Exchange email box £7.99 (unlimited aliases)

(additional HE mailboxes as per HE prices above)