The days of grainy and blurry CCTV images could now be behind us!

Take a look at the image below - which represents the increase in quality that could be achieved.

Today's HD standard                                                              Traditional Standard Definition

Then factor in that when you go from a small 1/4 or 1/8th screen image of normal SD CCTV like the one above on the right (which admittedly, may look ok initially) to a full screen image - the difference will be massive!

With our NEW Hybrid Digital Video Recorder (HD-DVR) you can also have the best of both worlds!

So NOW there is no need to get rid of all your existing cameras, if you just wish to upgrade.

Just upgrade your most important cameras (for facial or number plate recognition) and your DVR

All our new installations can now be 100% HD, even with Pan / tilt / Zoom domes in HD

Get in touch now, for a free quotation, and of course, all our systems are network and Internet Connected
so you can view your CCTV from any Internet* connected computer or via the free iOS or Android App.

 Of Course, all our CCTV systems are fully remotely view-able on i-device or Android.

* For best results and reliability, we highly recommend switching to Our Business Broadband Package, for easy and quality of connection.
Other suppliers broadband can be made to work, if absolutely necessary, but a Business Class router may also be required.


 New  - ANPR systems

Thanks to our Partnership with HIK-Vision, we can now offer top quality, reliable ANPR systems, with an Optional LED Indicator, displaying recognised Reg Plates.

For the cost-conscious, our HD images viewed on a 4k Monitor produce fantastic images, if we combine a Scene Camera with a Longer focal length (zoomed in) camera, loads of info can be captured.

Going one step further (and for not a huge increase in budget) swap the zoomed camera for an ANPR camera on Our Hikvision Range of professional NVR's and we not only capture number plates, but gain a valuable searchable database of all vehicle passing the cameras.

(image courtesy of HIK Vision)

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